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Online Banking with Mobile Access for Anyone

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The Future of Online Banking has arrived for Everyone. No matter what your credit score or you if you are in chex systems, forget it.  Time to move on with bigger and better things.  Going to show you a company you want to have a relationship with….

Plastyc Inc. is a privately held US corporation that has its principal office in New York City.  The mission of Plastyc is to provide money management and payment services to all those who have access to the Internet and who do not want to travel to a bank branch in order to do their banking.

Plastyc provides services to customers of all ages, even those who are 13 to 17 years of age, provided of course that an adult is involved in enrolling the teenager to their services.  Plastyc also helps to give companies the capability to be paid by their customers quickly and easily.  In addition, Plastyc also helps to make sure that contributors are paid quickly and at no cost to them.

Plastyc Prepaid Debit CardPlastyc is the provider of the UPside and iBankUP money management services.  This allows customers with limited or bad credit histories to have FDIC-insured online and mobile banking accounts.  Over the past three years, Plastyc has experienced revenue growth of 655%.  According to the 2012 Inc. 500/5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies, Plastyc is becoming one of the fastest growing private companies in New York City.

Plastyc debuted on the aforementioned list in the following positions:

  • 33rd for financial services companies
  • 45th for New York City companies
  • 564th for United States companies

Essentially, Plastyc provides the services that are needed by so many in our troublesome economy today, but who cannot get those services from big banks, nor can pay the exorbitant costs charged by check cashiers.

Plastyc continues to grow as a company because of several recent developments:

  • Developing a savings purse to make it easier for people to save money via participation in SaveUp; SaveUp gives added incentive for people to save money by rewarding them for doing so
  • Developing a Swipe-and-Load feature that allows UPside and iBankUP account cardholders to instantly add cash to their prepaid cards at over 6,500 7-Eleven stores throughout the United States
  • Those cardholders can also use mobile banking services via smartphone apps

Plastyc has also gained more prominence by partnering with processors such as Fidelity Information Services, payment systems networks like Green Dot Corporation and Visa, and established financial institutions like Meta Payment Systems.

IBankUp is one of Plastyc’s primary products, and it offers incredible convenience for its account holders.  No account holder has to go to a bank branch to complete his/her banking.  Plus, virtually anyone can become an account holder because

  • No credit check is required
  • No minimum deposit is required
  • No waiting in line to be approved

This means that even if you have no or a bad credit history, you can be approved for an IBankUp account.  Even if you don’t have much money, you can still be approved for an IBankUp account because no minimum deposit is required.  For those who don’t have much time in their busy schedules, they too can be approved because there is no taking time out of their busy days waiting in line.

IBankUP includes several notable features to help its clients conduct their banking transactions from virtually anywhere:

  •  FDIC Insurance
  •  A Visa® prepaid card that is usable at millions of locations 50,000 locations where cash can be deposited into an account
  •  A “Rainy-Day Reserve” option so that you can automatically save money for that unexpected emergency
  •  The largest network of ATMs available
  •  A Direct Deposit number so that you can deposit your salary without incurring any fees
  •  Ability to receive money from friends at no cost to you or them
  •  Ability to check your current balance from virtually anywhere via any device, including PC, laptop, or cell phone
  •  Exclusive access to an online shopping mall that has hundreds of well-known retailers for additional savings
  •  A free discount card for prescription drugs at any of 65,000 pharmacies
  •  Much more

As you can see, Plastyc is a rising leader in the money management and payment services industries and continues to grow at an accelerated pace.  It also has growing partnerships with noted companies including Visa, Green Dot, and Fidelity Information Services.  One of Plastyc’s main goals is to ensure that everyone can have easy access to depositing their hard-earned money in accounts that earn them money regardless of how much time they have to spare, how good or bad their credit is, and how much money they have to open an account.  Another of Plastyc’s main goals is to ensure that people have easy access to their hard-earned money no matter where they are at and what device they are using so long as they have an Internet connection.  With the way that mobile Internet access is continuing to evolve, it’s likely that Plastyc will continue to grow and develop into a very influential company in the money management and payment services industries.

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