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Secured Credit Card Offers – Start Rebuilding Your Credit

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Bad Credit – Learn How to Improve Your Credit with Secured Credit Cards

Many of you have had to tap into your lines of credit via your credit cards in order to help make ends meet.  This has had the unfortunate impact of damaging your credit,  often you cannot pay back the balances on time and default on them.  Now you lose the ability to take out new lines of credit due to poor credit.

Yet, in this technological age we find ourselves in, having a credit card is almost essential.  From ATMs to shopping via the Internet to shopping offline via PayPal, more and more uses for credit cards and fewer uses for cold, hard cash are becoming more apparent every day.  Yet, how can people who have lost their reputable credit and cannot obtain new credit cards be able to function in this technological society?

You have to begin rebuilding your credit, and fortunately, most of you can still get a credit card that will enable you to do this, even with poor credit histories.  You can get a secured credit card, which is a type of credit card that is backed or “secured” by a cash deposit provided by the holder of the card.  This is to ensure that the bank still gets paid in the event that the holder cannot pay the balance due to further financial difficulties.

Secured Credit Cards Reviews:

There are several good secured credit cards available.  One such type of secured credit card is the Capital One® Secured MasterCard®.  This card provides you with the credit you need without subjecting you to application or processing fees.  This card can help you to reestablish your credit because there is automatic reporting to the 3 main credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion).  You, as the cardholder, can continuously track your credit via the access you have to your credit score and to other tools.  Another good feature of this card is that you can obtain a line of up to $3000 by providing a refundable security deposit.

As you would expect with a secured credit card, you will not get any rewards for using the card.  In addition, the APR on the card is a bit high at 22.9%, with a 24.9% APR on all cash advances.  There will also be a $19 fee for any late payments.  You will also need to pay a $29 annual fee to continue using this card.

A second good choice for a secured credit card is the First Progress Secured Card MasterCard®.  The card requires you to maintain a deposit of no less than $300.  The annual percentage rate is 14.99%, 19.99% for cash advances.  The annual fee to maintain the card is $39.  The penalty fees include a returned payment of $25 and a late payment of $35. Sign up

Here is a Secured Credit Card no annual fee – A third good secured credit card to consider is the Applied Bank® Secured Visa® Gold Credit Card.  This card requires a minimum deposit of $200 to activate the card; you can place up to $5,000 on the card.  This card includes a credit line that is reported to all three major credit bureaus so that you can build or rebuild your credit.

One advantage with this card is that there is no charge account set up fee.  An additional advantage is the fixed 9.99% APR.  The same 9.99% APR also applies to cash advances.  There is also no penalty APR for any late payments you make.  You do have to pay $30 if you want or need an additional card, and you must pay $50 each year to continue using the card. Apply Now

A fourth good choice for a secured credit card is the Platinum Zero® Secured Visa® Credit Card from Applied Bank®.  This card has many benefits for those trying to build or rebuild their credit.  There is a 0% fixed APR on purchases, so you don’t have to worry about getting a low introductory rate only to see it increase later on.  This 0% APR will remain even if you make late payments.  The rate on cash advances is 9.99%.  You also do not need to pay any application fees to open the account.  The card also comes with free personal ID theft protection.  In addition, the card will regularly report your credit history using the card to all three credit bureaus so that your history with the card can build or rebuild your credit. Get more info

It is important to note that the card, like most secured credit cards, does not provide rewards.  Additionally, there are no balance transfers with this card.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Cards for No Credit<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Citibank Secured Credit CardA secured credit card can be an excellent choice for those who either are trying to rebuild their credit, or who have never opened a line of credit before.  The secured credit cards are excellent choices for those who have poor credit (600-649) or bad credit (599 and below), as the deposit helps to ensure that the banks will be paid even if the cardholder has financial difficulty in making the payments due on the card.  By applying for a secured credit card and making on-time payments on purchases using this card, you can help to build or rebuild your credit to the point where, after a period of time, the company will likely upgrade you to an unsecured credit card that requires no deposit and that has a higher credit limit than you have with the secured credit card.

Start Rebuilding Your Credit – no one is going to do it for you.

More Secured Credit Card Offers from Major Banks

Can you tell me which secured card offers no annual fee credit card from the reviews I provided you.  This is training to always read the fine print?

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