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Using Adult ADD to Benefit Your Money Situation

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Balancing ADD and Money Matters

Do you always worry about money matters?  People usually say that you should first learn how to value your money before you can focus on making more money. But when you have ADD, it really affects an individual’s way of managing money matters. With ADD however, one of the challenges a person faces is budgeting or managing our money.

Don't let ADD after Your Money ManagementFirst of all, you should never listen to someone who is not even financially stable.  Having the mentality that you are capable of becoming financially stable can help you accomplish many things but you need to believe that you can do it. This kind of philosophy can help people with ADD manage their money because it eliminates the worry about a person making enough money or not.

First of all, you should honestly answer these questions. Where are you right now? How are you with your job, or your business, or your life? Where are you spending all your money into? You should know if you are stable or not.

Telling yourself that you need more money won’t do you any good. Everybody needs more money. It is just the way it is. Instead, you have to be more specific and figure out how you can make more money, say for example having an online job or do weekly garage sales.

When it comes to organizing money, people with ADD tends to be more careless than those without ADD. People with Attention Deficiency Disorder however have a better ability to focus on goals. It is important to use these tendencies to your advantage.

Whatever you’re earning right now, whether per year, per month or per hour, double it. Now think of a way on how you can earn this money. Analyze your per hour earning. Then tell yourself this, “All right, I need to go and get a job that pays this new figure per hour”.

Your special ADD brain will figure out the rest. Some of them may take in an additional job at home, while other may resort to starting a new business, but whatever happens you can rely on your special ADD powers to make it all happen.


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