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Shopping for Groceries During a Recession

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How to Buy a Hundred Dollars Worth of Groceries for Only Thirty Dollars

I am like most other people, trying to find new ways to stretch my dollars. Today I discovered a way to find excellent bargains. I almost turned every dollar I spent into three dollars. The savings were so substantial that I wanted to share this valuable information with you.

Everyday most people like myself drive by these stores that have incredible bargains, but many of us never stop to investigate. Today I got curious and decided to pull into the parking lot and see what was behind the dusty windows.

As I walked through the isles with my husband I found myself amazed at the bargains. I was consumed with the savings and tried to look at everything they had to offer. I couldn’t believe I was driving by these dramatic savings everyday.

Everyday Expenses Like Groceries, Learn How to Save MoneyI found Visine that normally sells for over $5.00 for only $1.49. I bought a name brand $3.00 bottle of maple syrup for $1.49. The wet swiffer sweeper pads I normally pay over $8.00 were only listed at $4.00. A whole end cap was filled with every type of salad dressing you could want and were all available for only 49 cents each. Bacon that I normally pay $3.00 for was only $1.79 a packet. A $2.00 cake mix was only 79 cents. In the end I walked out of that store with three full plastic bags of groceries for only $23.00. I normally pay about that much for one full plastic bag at a regular grocery store.

After we got home my husband and I scanned the items and noticed some of the products had expired according to their expiration dates. I informed him there was no such thing as an expiration date, and began eating our delicious discount groceries. So if you are finicky about what you eat, you may want to eyeball the expiration dates before you buy the products.

Where do you get these outstanding bargains? You probably drive by them everyday just as I used to. Your local bent and dent store can stretch your dollars. The items for sale almost looked perfect and were all sealed properly.

I wondered how they could afford to sell these items so cheap. As I looked around I noticed all of the employees were dressed alike, very conservative with knit caps on. So I assumed they didn’t buy these items as damaged – the items were donated to their church. So no matter what price they put on the items, it is 100% profit for their organization.

Over the last few months my food bill has almost doubled. Inflation is getting outrageous paying almost $2.00 each for an apple or a tomato. As the economy worsens these food prices may continue higher. I’m scrambling for every way I can find to cut costs and you should too. You can shop at Walmart if you want to; I’ll be at the local bent and dent or dollar store hunting for my food.


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Rhonda Evans

Rhonda is the founder and editor of MoneyPoint Live. She is a retired Senior Chief from the USN, mother of two, previous small business owner, and entrepreneur.

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