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Retirement Planning Goals – Do You Have Yours

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How To Prepare for Happy Retirement

Are you gearing up for a retirement plan, then don’t just blindly proceed without proper research and advice from the experts. Most people do not realize the importance of having retirement planning goals, which will result in a disaster like debts or running low on budget to pay for their monthly premiums. This is the case if you do not set goals well within your reach and i hope this article will help you set your own manageable goal.

Retirement Planning Questions

First you need ask yourself some high priority questions that will help you in determining your retirement planning goals. Try to answer every question below in order to know what goal is suitable to your individual needs.

1. At what age are you planning to retire.

2. If you plan to retire late at an old age then consider the medical expenses.

3. If retiring early then you might spend a lot of money so plan appropriately.

4. The lifestyle you wish to lead after retirement.

5. Which place would you wish to live your rest of your retired life and how much does it cost.

6. And with whom you are planning to live and also consider your spouse’s retirement plan if applicable.

7. How many years do you think you need the money (that is estimate of many years you might live).

8. Are you planning to work even after your retirement?

These are the best questions which when answered will give you an outline of what should be your retirement budget helping you in having the best retirement planning goals set up that is both achievable and satisfactory to you. Now after answering all the above questions you can come up with an amount that pays off for all the expenditure that incur in your elderly life.

As a friend i like to advice you to set aside a small amount for your after retirement expenses or invest in a business that guarantee to return more on your investment in the future. Just having a retirement goal will make no good but you also need to take due care on all the options available which will earn some money to you at your old age.

It is a proven fact that majority of the people do not achieve their goals. The difference between the people who do not achieve their goal and those who do is good and well researched retirement planning goals.

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Rhonda is the founder and editor of MoneyPoint Live. She is a retired Senior Chief from the USN, mother of two, previous small business owner, and entrepreneur.

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