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How Much Time Does The Average Individual Spend On Retirement Planning

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Millionaire Time Management

Almost everyone who doesn’t have enough money has no idea why they don’t have it. They might tell you a whole list of reasons why they don’t have more money such as: they didn’t get the job they wanted, they lost the promotion, they lost the only good job they ever had, they couldn’t afford a good education, they had children too early, they got divorced, etc.

These are all symptoms of being poor. That’s right I said SYMPTOMS not causes.

None of those reasons or any of the hundreds of other excuses are reasons you don’t have enough money. The reason is because you waste your time doing what poor people do because they do not value their time. It stems from the basic belief that you are not worth millions of dollars, and your time is also not worth much. So you waste all your precious time doing insignificant things trying to save tiny amounts of money. In the meanwhile you are trapped in the rat race forever and will never get out; not until you learn the secret I am about to share. It is the only way out.


Here’s what I mean. All who are not wealthy (what I call poor, because there are only two types of people in the world – those with a poor mentality and those with a wealth mentality,) the poor, spend a great deal of time every day wasting away their time searching for ways to save their money. Now you might think you don’t shop that much. But if you are not a millionaire, then it is absolutely because you don’t manage and spend your time doing what a millionaire would do to become a millionaire. Anyone can learn what to do to become a millionaire and then begin doing it.

Take a look at this list and tell me if you do these things.

  • Not want to call information to look up a phone number because it costs money – instead you look in a phone book or do a Google search for the phone number.
  • If you ever do call information you don’t let them connect you automatically to the number because that costs an extra $0.50, instead you hang up and dial the number yourself.
  • When there is a new product for sale, you spend a fair amount of time looking online to see where to buy it for a better price.
  • If you want a big product like a car or anything that costs over $5,000 you go to stores looking at lots of them before you buy them, not so much because you don’t know what you want, but because you hope to find one $500 or $2,000 cheaper somewhere.
  • When negotiating the sale price for a car you try to bargain down the dealer and if you don’t get what you want, you do home and assume you will come back a later time or go another time to another dealer and eventually save the $2,000.
  • When money gets tight, you begin doing things you didn’t used to do, like wash your own cars, mow your own lawn, or did you already always do those things to save money.
  • Park two blocks from the store so you don’t have to pay for parking.
  • Clip coupons.
  • Send in rebates.
  • If you buy furniture or an appliance you transport it yourself to save the delivery cost.



People don’t realize every single day they take actions based on their belief that they don’t have enough money. Literally hours every day are spent doing things that use up all your precious time.

This is the single biggest secret I learned from my millionaire mentors. As long as you think money is more important than your time, you will spend your life away trying to save small amounts of money that never amount to anything.

Maybe you don’t admit you think money is more important than your time, but your actions prove it every day. You trade eight hours of your life every day slaving for someone else, giving away the days of your life in exchange for the beloved green stuff.

You travel long distances to find sales at stores so you don’t have to part with as much of the green stuff. You shop online for hours so you can hang onto more of the green stuff. And you do chores and more chores in and out of your home doing things yourself that you could pay others to do, only so you can hang onto more of your green stuff.

Don’t lie to me about you not thinking money is more important than your time. If you are not currently a millionaire then read this statement and let it sink deep into your being:


It’s all about time management. Now, most people who have no money, when they see the rich spending their money lavishly in ways that save them time, the poor think that the rich act that way only because they have the financial means to do so.

That is not true. The rich had to begin spending their time and their money in those ways long before they were rich; that is exactly what made the money begin to come to them in the first place. It’s like the chicken and the egg; which came first.

The same is true with money. Everyone thinks that money has to come first and then once you have enough money, you can begin to spend it in ways to save yourself time so you can play and have fun.

That’s not the way it works. You have to start spending your time like a millionaire even before you have the money of a millionaire. To become a millionaire you begin spending some money in ways to save you more time, even when you hardly have any money. You have to do this first, and then because of that action you will begin to create more wealth in your life. So, money does not come first, money is always the result of managing your time and spending what little money you do have like a millionaire would do.

It is the only way anyone has ever created wealth.



Stop wasting away your life on things that keep you poor and start working on the things that will make you rich, give you free time and make you financially free.

I don’t mean you should spend all your money like you would if you had 100 million dollars today, but I do mean spend some of it, maybe $15 to save you a chunk of time this week. And then with the time you saved do something more productive than you would have done acting like a poor person.

I had no money growing up so it was pretty easy to feel poor. All my life I had grown up surrounded by people who thought from a poor mentality. And it was not their fault; they grew up in the exact same environment. This is why most poor families have children who remain in the same financial situation. And likewise affluent families have children who grow up affluent.

I know!



The amount of money you start out with has very little to do with determining your wealth. That’s why lottery winners loose it all in five years and go back to being poor. They never learned to value their time like a rich person, so they lose all their money. And no matter how much money someone hands you, if you don’t value your time more than money, all your money will leave you.

That’s why people who waste away their time trying to save what small amount of money they have can never attract wealth in the first place. They are wasting away their life like a poor person does and because they do not use their time to bring value to the world around them they stay poor forever.

It was no wonder I remained poor while growing up and even as a young adult. But, here’s what I did when I was 23 years old and learned this incredible secret from my millionaire mentors.

All I could scrape up was $15, so I took my first step to act rich. I hired someone else to mow my lawn. Just like the millionaires in Beverly Hills do.

And then I took the next step to spend my time like a millionaire would. Guess what? They don’t go watch football on TV all day. They value their time too much. They spend their time thinking about how to make their next million dollars, meeting other rich people, deciding what they can do to bring more value to others, either by making a product or delivering a service. They even go as far as to imagine doing something they love to do and getting people to pay them millions of dollars a year to do it.

Then they continue to plan exactly how to make that become a reality, and guess what they keep working on the plan until it does become a reality. Do you know what it takes to do all that?

You guessed it.

It takes some time. Do you think if I was mowing my yard every Saturday, working all week during the day, doing chores every evening and then washing my cars on Sunday that I’d have any time to become a millionaire.


You see it’s all about time management.

When I tell people what it takes to become a millionaire, some people say “Wow, that takes a lot of work!”

Well, yes is does.

But, you spend twice as much time year after year after year for a mere $50,000 per year. Why wouldn’t you want to learn how to spend half that much time and make millions for the rest of your life.

It all starts when you decide to be rich and then decide to spend your time like a millionaire rather than a poor person. It’s as simple as that; and I want to help you with many more tools to get you their quickly.

Visit www.FormulaForMillionaires.com

Paul McCormick

About the author: Paul McCormick began his career working with multimillionaire investors and entrepreneurs, and soon discovered something amazing: there is a formula for becoming a millionaire. All the wealthiest people use it, and in fact Paul himself had been using parts of the formula from a very early age. It just took a few years of trial and error for him to figure it all out. No one has ever taught this formula a” until now. Paul is living proof that it works. He used this formula to become the owner of a multi-million dollar company at age twenty-seven and CEO by twenty-nine. While still in his thirties, however, Paul walked away from his career, realizing that you don’t need a job to create massive amounts of money. (In fact, having a job is almost a surefire way to ensure you’ll never get rich!) Now Paul is richer a” and happier a” than he’s ever been and you can be that way too! Learn how.

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