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                About Us
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                Dongguan Maydear Medical Equipment Tech CO.,LTD is a very professional manufacture specializing in medical pendant, such as ICU pendant series, surgical pendant series, anesthesia pendant, endoscope pendant. Medical pendant for use in operating rooms and intensive care units.

                Our company covers an area of 18,000 square meters. There are more then 200 workers and advanced production equipments, including 58 engineers. We can design, installation and adjustment as customer’s requirement.To be the leading enterprise for professional technology and excellent quality of medical pendant in the world,we are developing and progress.
                We are always persisting on the principle of “high quality,quikly delivery,competitive price and good service”
                With our excellent product,top service, loyal cooperating spirit and exquisite technology.Welcome  friends of all walks to visit here and cooperate with us for a bright future.


                Main products: Surgical ceiling mounted pendant, Anaesthesia pendant, Endoscope pendant, ICU pendant, ICU rail system, ICU column. Industry: Medical pendant
                Enterprise type: Personaly Product: manufacture
                Capital: 500million RMB Adress: Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China
                Employee: More than 200 Founded: 2006year
                Responsible person/Principal: Wu Yufen/Hu Jin Main customer: Hospital,Mechant,OEM
                Sum: 50million/year Origin: China
                Main Market: China, America, Europe and worldwide Trademark: Maydear
                    Standard: ISO9001:2000
                    Export Sum: 600million RMB
                Inport Sum: 2million RMB Factory Area: 10000  square meters
                Engineer: 58    
                Productivily: 300 sets/month    

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                Tel:0769-81196518 81196518  Fax:0769-82879412   E-mail:hujing@dgmdr.com  National toll-free number:400-8813-298