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                Your current location-Home-Service

                Service process:

                Tower crane, bridge after sale service commitment:
                The letter of commitment from the main camp in Dongguan media medical technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "media company") issued by the.The company is based on the law of the Peoples Republic of China established.This book promises to protect the media user interests according to the laws of the Peoples Republic of China made of, and in accordance with the laws of people’s Republic of China by the company to be explained.

                One, service culture

                1, service purpose: the user needs is our responsibility;
                In 2, the service concept: people-oriented, sincere service;
                3, service slogan: urgent user’s urgent needs, the user would like to think.

                In two, the service object and scope

                By the company or the authorization of the company and other company sold the Media company’s products, in terms of customer service business hours are enjoying Media’s after sale service.
                Three, customer service and technical support

                1, media company customer service center is located in Dongguan, is responsible for the end users advisory and sales outlets to the supervision and management of.In the East, South, north region with special repair points, direct to provide users with fast and convenient services, and in the provinces with mobile maintenance staff, Beck and call;

                2, quality of service
                2.1, all service personnel prior to rigorous training, work fine style of work, the attitude of enthusiasm patience;
                2.2, has opened 400 free hotline (400-8813-298), stands ready to provide you with quality service;
                In 2.3, the company has established a sound telephone system of regular visits to 100%, satisfaction as the goal;
                2.4, equipment acceptance, within a month of visit once a year within three months, a return visit once a year during the first half of the year, after a return visit once (including telephone);

                Four, service contract

                1, technical support services
                My company in 1.1, after receiving the user notification 1 working days to respond, and in the shortest possible time arrived at the scene, in the working days to complete all of the installation and commissioning of products, and achieved good operating condition;
                In 1.2, our company has professional engineers responsible for the hospital use of equipment and personnel to carry out training content includes: operation, use and maintenance, and the two sides qualified certification;
                1.3, the training form: on-site training and centralized instruction combining forms;
                In 1.4, project installation with

                After signing the contract, the company will promptly installed base map and a mounting bracket connected graph is provided to the user, and to send technical personnel field mapping, issued by the hospital, drawings, equipment installation, general contracting parties and signed with users, well prepared in advance.After delivery of the plant, the company will send personnel to the location of the user timely installation of installation and commissioning of qualified.

                2, repair and maintenance services

                2.1 of all media, medical equipment free warranty period of 12 months, life-long maintenance;
                2.2, repair response time: after receiving the failure notification as soon as possible, our technical personnel arrived at the scene, and in 48 hours to give solutions;
                In 2.3, parts supply time: after receiving demand notice, our within 1 working days in response and in three working days to complete the goods allocation.
                2.4, charge standard
                2.4.1, the warranty period of equipment, we will give the best service charges paid;
                2.4.2, supplies: charge standard according to real valuation;

                In five, telephone service

                Contact: Miss Shen
                Hand machine: 15876407888
                Tel: 0769-81196518 81196588
                Fax: 0769-82879412


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