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My Fathers Lessons on the Saving Money

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Lessons for Saving MoneyMy father taught me to value money and how to reach and fulfill my goals in life and I am thankful he did.

It started when my friend Peter, on his seventeenth birthday, received a car from his parents. Peter didn’t even know how to drive but he was very happy with his parent’s gifts and showed off his car to all of his friends. My father had a look at the car and told him that I would want a car for my seventeenth birthday.

On my seventeenth birthday I was ready to receive my car. But there was no car. All I got was a pair of trainers. You can bet that I was really disappointed.

Eight months later I was able to pass my driving test and my father and I were very pleased. I told my dad that there is no use passing the test if I had no car to drive anyway. But, two months passed and still there was no car for me.

I was about to have my eighteenth birthday and my father asked me what I wanted as a gift. It was my eighteenth birthday and since it is special, he was willing to spend slightly more for me this year. So, I told him I really wanted a car and I was sure that he would give me a car now. I celebrated my birthday but still, there was no car. I got a watch, though it is was a very nice one, you know that I once again disappointed.

So, two months after my birthday, I confronted my dad and told him that I really needed a car. Obviously, he told me I should go buy a car if I needed one. I said that I was not earning enough and that I was using it to buy clothes, and socializing.

He said that sacrifices needed to be made if I wanted a car. To motivate me to save for the car and he will match whatever I can save.

I am very thankful I learned this thing. Work hard and make sacrifices in order to achieve something and I will cherish that lesson more than that car.


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