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Yahoo! Publisher Network will help you earn money with your website

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Yahoo! Publisher Network could fund a comfortable life style for web publishers, with potential earnings anywhere from $1 to $1,000 daily.

Yahoo! Publisher Network is an advertising program by Yahoo! where website publishers allow Yahoo! to place ads on their sites. Each time these ads are clicked on by visitors, the web publishers earn a share of the revenue that Yahoo! makes from charging that particular advertiser.

Basically it sets up your site to operate like a magazine or newspaper would. You have content/articles mixed in with ads.  Only instead of an advertising department generating the ads for you, Yahoo! provides the ads and share part of the profits with you. The ads would also correlate with the specific keywords or subject matter of the site.

A lot of web publishers use it because it’s free and easy to join. All you have to do is paste a code into your pages, and as mentioned earlier, you don’t have to find the advertisers, so you are free to concentrate on providing the content. It’s suitable for beginners or marketing veterans, and it provides simple easy to understand stats.

However, the challenge for the web publisher will be getting people to the site, which goes back to using the right keywords, finding a niche market and improving your search engine optimization, web building, web linking and copywriting skills. Yahoo! Publisher Network just makes it easy to make money once you start attracting readers.

For these reasons, first concentrate on your website’s content and design. Sites accepted into the Yahoo! program are usually easily navigable, have an adequate quantity of text based content. It suggested that you have your website up for a few months before signing. In that time work on building up your web traffic and readership, which takes patience and hard work.

Ways to attract more traffic include:

  • Linking to other sites and blogs. Usually these sites will link back to you, hence drawing more traffic your way. More traffic means a monetizing website, thanks to Yahoo!.
  • Optimizing your site for search engines.  Making it so search engines put your website in the first two pages of results is a surefire way to get more visitors to your website, and that’s more people who would click on those Yahoo! ads.
  • Add a signature with your website to your outgoing email. It’s a simple and effective marketing tool.
  • Start a newsletter; put an option on your website where readers can subscribe to the newsletter.  The good thing with newsletters is that they are frequently forwarded from one person to another, drawing more traffic to your site.

When you finally have a good number of people visiting your webpage and you are ready to participate in Yahoo! Publisher Network, take a moment to read their policy. There some obvious stuff such as forbidding sites containing profanity, pornographic, illicit drug use and other vices, but it also warns against invalid clicks, such as clicking on your ads, using robots or automated clicker.  These are reasons to get banned from the program.

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